The roots of green design

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GuitarhouseFollowing the thread of green design … today’s New York Times profiles Sim Van der Ryn, the Bay Area-based pioneer in sustainable architecture, whose work includes the solar-powered Guitar House, a 15,000 sq. foot “rammed earth” mansion, believed to be the world’s largest green residence.

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  • June Cohen commented on Nov 17 2005

    Totally agree, Thayne! You know how we love to think big at TED :-) What was so inspiring about McDonough’s talk at TED2005 was not just the description of the green roof at Ford, but his much larger ambition — to create fully sustainable cities — and the success he’s had selling the idea. The fact that China is looking to McDonough and company to help them successfully, sustainably move 400M people from villages to cities is a source of great inspiration and hope. As is Curitaba