TED Book Club: The Untied States of America

Posted by: Tedconfjune

Untied2When we selected the books to send TEDsters this month, we just had to include The Untied States of America, the startling new book by futurist Juan Enriquez, who’s spoken so powerfully at TED and TEDGLOBAL. Juan looks at the same facts you and I do, but discovers insights that we miss. His book, shockingly, predicts that the next 50 years could see the US (and many other parts of the world) fragment in dangerous and unexpected ways. He writes the same way he speaks. Every page is stuffed with intriguing images, surprising graphs and, as a bonus, wonderful humor. - Chris

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  • Allison Hunt commented on Apr 2 2006

    Wow. You are a guest at way better cocktail parties than me if this calibre of content is the stuff being bandied about.

    I have to ask: did you actually read the book? Not kidding. If you did, I can’t imagine how you could fail to understand the meaning of “untied.”