Testing your Web 2.0 Literacy

Posted by: Tedconfjune

Web20Oyogi, Yedda, Yoda, Renkoo, Squidoo, Lando, Lulu … Web 2.0 companies? Or Star Wars characters? Only a certain kind of person would know for sure

And if you scored well there, this typographic analysis of Web 2.0 logos will have you nodding in recognition. Hello, VAG Rounded! (Hat 2.0 tipped to David Nestor and Jason Kottke)

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  • June Cohen commented on Mar 17 2006

    You mean our custom-made Web 2.0 logo (set in VAG Rounded! In orange! Get it?) didn’t provide a strong enough value proposition for you? Seriously, Peter, there’s always some overlap in what people/blogs/media outlets find interesting and irresistible. These viral links make up a very small percentage of our posts, but they’re generally very well-received, and we intend to keep it up.