Coming soon: Behind the TED2006 Wrap-up

Posted by: Tom Rielly

Brokebackmounted3_1 Finally the story can be told…How a dedicated team of intrepid writers, designers, and Candy Building Architects stayed up all night to bring you this year’s TED wrap-up. A quick shout out and thank you to writers David Hornik, Nicholas Baker, and John (did you see the man in a gorilla suit?) Boyden; PhotoShop gurus Mike Matas and Christopher Masciocchi; and propmasters Jason and Mari Tuttle, rumored to be Jeff Bezos’ wife MacKenzie’s brother and his wife. Got that? Without you I’m nothing. In a subsequent post, I’ll take you to our suite in the Hotel Pacific where security guards nearly shut us down at 3:30 am for laughing too loudly (sorry, folks next door). Meanwhile, a poster to tide you over…