Quote of the week: Malcolm Gladwell

Posted by: Tedconfjune

“I think I speak for all writers, when I say that I am delighted by marketing efforts of any sort.”

— Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell, commenting in The Guardian on film-style trailers for books, being released online by publishers to build demand for new titles

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  • Martin Grossman commented on Nov 20 2008

    Malcolm is one of my favorite writers, but he might have added something, though. Nothing is more frustrating for a writer than to have someone lift his ideas without giving credit–and nowadays, a link.

  • Jennifer Summers commented on Dec 5 2008

    I enjoy reading Malcolm’s books a great deal also. A book is a product and to sell, it has to be marketed. Whether a film-style advert actually sells more books I have yet to see the figures.


  • zach engel commented on Nov 14 2008

    Glad to know we are appreciated.