Catching up with One Laptop Per Child

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Update: OLPC has announced that, starting Nov. 12, it will begin selling the XO laptop to consumers through its Give 1 Get 1 program. From the site:

For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops—one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home.

Or, right now, you can donate $200 to send a laptop to a child in a developing nation.

[This summer], the US news show 60 Minutes rebroadcast its segment on Nicholas Negroponte and his One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. As Bruno Giussani has reported on the TED Blog, much news has emerged since that segment first aired in May:

+ OLPC and Intel have agreed to work together, not compete, to put laptops in the hands of every kid on the planet.
+ OLPC’s chief technology officer, Mary Lou Jepsen, said last month that a retail version of the laptop may be commercially available by this Christmas.

You can see more from Nicholas Negroponte here on TED.comhe gave a rousing talk at TED2006, just days after he took a leave of absence from MIT’s Media Lab to devote himself fully to One Laptop Per Child. Watch the TEDTalk and join the conversation >>

To contact Nicholas Negroponte‘s One Laptop Per Child project, visit the OLPC website’s Contacts page >>

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  • Jenny Hopper commented on Oct 10 2008

    This is a wonderful project, I took a look at the OLPC website and must say there doing a great service. These children have unlimited potential from this !

  • Charmian Jhaveri commented on Sep 9 2007

    If you can reach all the poor of the poorest in India “The untouchables” whom have been discriminates from the same people whom call themselves “Society” It is very sad to hear a very religious person saying that these people have “different genes” therefore, they are poor for life. What a way of thinking of a human been only because the society does not give them a chance to go to school only the be servants for little money. These people from rich society should learn first how to do this dirty jobs and give some value for there work. Cleaning, sweeping, laundry, cleaning toilets etc. and learn not to be selfish in this way. At the end of our life is only one God but if the people keeping thinking in these way the poor of the poorest are millions on day may come up and really teach what they know, so they have to do without any help be equal God give us two hands to use wisely too. If these chilndre have the chance to get “One laptop per child” the way I saw on t.v.”Bingo” for the future young society specially in India.