Peter Gabriel's "Hub"

Posted by: Bgiussani

Witness, the non-profit led by Peter Gabriel (watch his TED2006 talk) has launched “The Hub”, an online platform allowing anyone to use camcorders, cell phones and cameras to upload, share, and discuss human rights-related footage, as well as organize advocacy campaigns. A few months ago, announcing the project, Peter had described it as “a sort of YouTube + Wikipedia for human rights” intended to make human right abuses “not forgotten nor discarded”.

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  • Phil Thomas commented on Sep 18 2008

    Peter Gabriel does great work! No doubt about it.. we need more people of affirmitive action like him here in Australia.

  • Bruno Giussani commented on Nov 15 2007

    Tina: this is probably what Peter Gabriel would answer: “it seems that when there is video and photo cameras it is much harder for the powerful to deny the story and for people’s experience to be forgotten”. That’s why he founded WITNESS and that’s why they’re now launching this new Hub.

  • Tina Ryan commented on Nov 14 2007

    But how can we really we stop the abuses of the powerful?