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Announcing 2008 TED Prize winners

Posted by: Tedstaff

The TED Prize was introduced in 2005, and it is unlike any other award. Although the winners receive a prize of $100,000 each, the real prize is that they are granted a WISH. “A wish to change the world.” There are no formal restrictions on the wish. We ask our winners to think big and to be creative. The goal is that it creates an incredible sense of excitement and common purpose. It inspires the TED community, and all those who hear about the wish, to offer their help in making the wish come true.

Three winners are chosen each year. They could be anyone with world-changing potential: inventors or entrepreneurs, designers or artists, visionaries or mavericks, story-tellers or persuaders. But they must be people who the judges believe have the ability to inspire others to do something great for the world.

Our new winners, religious scholar Karen Armstrong, author Dave Eggers and physicist Neil Turok, will announce their wishes at TED2008 in Monterey, on February 28, 2008, and their presentations will be released online to the world shortly afterward.

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Comments (10)

  • Lawrence Davis commented on Jun 25 2008

    Good article about the 2008 TED prize winners. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shelley Krause commented on Nov 23 2007

    Bruce “Kokoe” Johnson, fear not, no sound on your computer is no problem in this instance… the soundtrack of the announcement is looped music that doesn’t live up to the excitement and honor of the moment, at least not for this listener.

    I can’t WAIT to hear what these folks have to say in February. Thanks, TEDsters, for all your good work. (Dave needs a “.” at the end of his congratulations sentence, I think.)

  • TEDBlog Reader commented on Nov 23 2007

    I think it’s awesome that Karen Armstrong has been honoured with a prize. I heard her speak at the greenbelt fesitval in 05 on fundamentalism and she was a breath of inspiration.

    I’m very excited at the prospect of the wish she’ll make.

  • Tim Girvin commented on Nov 22 2007

    There’s something about inspiration — and the TED prize — that always finds, reveals, for me, something personally empowering. That is, you see the new winners — and there’s always some index that speaks to some memory, some story, some touch, some connection that you’ve had with the winners. For me, Karen Armstrong is one of those people, in this years line up, that reaches to moments of epiphany in reading her work, knowing more about her, learning from her. But the one thing that I find compelling in her explorations is her struggle and search to find the meaning herself. Her Self. Finding that place of personal reckoning in the history of her search for meaning and spiritual potency that lead her out of the nunnery (so to speak!) and to another level in her quest for, and in, being. It’s a wonder full thing. And it’s grand that TED, as ever, has found that gem in the sea of humanity that is — in my personal exploration — a shining, a light, a teacher…and a real person, in the elegant frame of living and learning. Here’s to the granting of her wish, and that we all continue to benefit from her discoveries and interpretations…And surely the same to all this year’s recipients! Wonder full. Thanks, TED!

  • Abdul Rahman commented on Nov 22 2007

    Glad to see Karen Armstrong on board!

    May their wishes be granted!
    And may society excel!

  • Jhet van Ruyven commented on Nov 22 2007

    Thank you to all the judges for voting and recognizing a woman – Karen Armstrong along with Neil Turok and Dave Eggers. What an inspirations to the world – There are no boundaries; male or female – we are all capable of tremendous impact in making the world a better place. Glad to be part of Ted’s community.

  • Kokoe (Bruce Johnson) commented on Nov 21 2007

    The video is beautiful, but limits who can learn of the annoucement.

    For example, I do not have sound on my computer… Would it be possible to post a transcript along with the video so we could choose how quickly to get the info, and so those with slow connections will not be removed from the list of those who might learn of the prize and its winners?

    Or perhaps just add links to the descriptions on the TED Prize page?

    Neil Turok Cosmologist and education activist
    Dave Eggers Author, philanthropist and literary entrepreneur
    Karen Armstrong Authority on comparative religions

  • Barry Friedman commented on Nov 21 2007

    Tedly inspiring, of course.

  • Amy Drill commented on Nov 21 2007

    Oustanding choices! As theTED Prize winners list evolves, it is striking, yet not surprising, of the foundational truths in commonalities despite the respective specialized contributions of the individuals. Extraordinary work that is only surpassed by the multifold impact of that work on those whose lives can be positively impacted in ways otherwise possible. If that is not the formula for appreciation of humanity and sustained empowerment, I’d be hardpressed to find what is. Bravo!

  • Christine Mason McCaull commented on Nov 21 2007

    So exciting to see Karen Armstrong there! She’s a voice of unification and understanding- goes beyond dogma to conscious interconnection- such a critical matter for the planet. Can’t wait for her wish! Was suprised at Dave Eggers’s non-literary accomplishments. Unifying traits: intelligent noble kindness, propensity to action. Good choices, prize committee!