This Is Nollywood screens in the US

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TEDGlobal star Franco Sacchi’s documentary This Is Nollywood will play at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston February 1 and 10. February 1 is the opening night of the African Film Festival at the MFA. More US screenings are set for LA and Portland, Oregon.

This Is Nollywood tells the story of the booming Nigerian film scene, estimated to be the world’s third largest film industry. Smart, creative crews make local stories for local audiences, movies that offer audiences characters they can identify with in stories that relate to their everyday lives, distributed exclusively on DVD. It’s an amazing story. (And watch for Sacchi’s TEDTalk to be posted soon.)

Photo by Aimee Corrigan

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  • Rick Morgan commented on Dec 11 2008

    I never would have thought that the 3rd largest film industry would be Nigeria, China would have been my guess. You don’t see much Nigerian cinema on British tv, I’m sure there’s some great films already.