TED’s Miro player launches today

Posted by: Tedstaff


TED and Miro announce the TED Miro player — a free, downloadable, open-source media player that comes pre-loaded with TED’s channels and content guide.

UPDATED link: Download the Miro player >>

Using the channels, you can browse TEDTalks by Theme — “A Greener Future,” “Africa: The Next Chapter,” and many more. And you have access to the entire universe of programming available through the Miro player — thousands of channels of news, educational programming, music and other video and audio podcasts.

TED is one of three premier partners for the Miro player — the other two are Revision3 and the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

The Miro player is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation. To learn more about Miro, visit GetMiro.com.

Comments (21)

  • Mesut ?en commented on Jul 5 2009

    Thank you very nice post… i love ted…

  • William Robinson commented on May 14 2009

    A few weeks ago, I downloaded Miro from your site and ran into the problem that the version was not the latest, and the only way to get the updated version was to uninstall your version and download Version 2.0 directly from miro.com.

    The link above to subscribe to TED channels in one click gets a no file found.

    Trying to add a new feed from Miro using TED or blog.ted.com gets a response that the TED channel is not compatible with Miro.


  • Usman Iftikhar commented on May 9 2009

    Miro is working like a charm in Linux i really liked it.

  • chrisa walik commented on May 7 2009

    I already have Miro and use it to download TED content. Is there a way to get the new TED channels (are the links for them up anywhere) without downloading the partner player?

  • Mark Robinsson commented on Apr 20 2009

    Miro player is cool. Works ok on Linux.


  • john sanders commented on Apr 14 2009

    Loving the Miro player guys!!

  • Kimberly Saia Bock commented on Apr 12 2009

    I just Tweeted, “Ok fine. I admit it. I’m addicted to TED.” Then I come here, see the player, begin downloading, and notice @alan’s comment.

    New motto: “TEDs. Therapy for all walks of life” lol

  • Giovanni Schiuma commented on Apr 12 2009

    I am just in the process of downloding this … because I have discovered the TED UNiverse which is further nurturing my knowledge thirst which never end… thanks TED!!!

  • alan buchanan commented on Apr 4 2009

    Since i’m becoming addicted to TED i’ll definitely download this.
    Cool thanks.
    Alan – elottery

  • Orion Black commented on Mar 13 2009

    The link that says “Subscribe to all TED channels in one click” is outdated. The proper feed for TED videos is http://feeds.feedburner.com/tedtalks_video .

  • H.T. Li commented on Feb 8 2009

    ask for more source code

  • Kelly Brice commented on Nov 13 2008

    I was wonder if could be possible as well to have the source code, I would like to enable a home function might make it a little more efficient with the navigation.

  • Abhiroop Basu commented on May 22 2008

    Just a note to everyone:
    It is possible to use the TED Miro player on Ubuntu.

    Go to: http://www.getmiro.com/download/ubuntu.php

    Follow the directions (by adding the sources package and using synaptic to search for miro) and when searching for miro there should be a TED Miro Player.

    NB: I haven’t used this (Miro is giving me errors), but it looks like its there!

  • Emily McManus commented on May 21 2008

    @Abhiroop — visit http://www.getmiro.com/join/ to see a list of volunteer coding projects you can join, and more code resources

  • Abhiroop Basu commented on May 21 2008

    Yes could we have the source code for it (since its open source?)

  • Stefan Kra. commented on Apr 17 2008

    I agree to 100%! A website like launchpad would be the best solution to overcome the language barrier!

  • Tim Gowan commented on Feb 3 2008

    Miro is available for Linux . I use it daily on Open Suse 10.3 Try Pacman Repository or Miro’s home page.

  • Maurits Ruis commented on Feb 3 2008

    Great initiative! But why is this player, being open source, not available for linux, being open source?

  • Camilo Telles commented on Jan 31 2008


    i think that the principal problem to help TED spread his ideas is the barrier of language. Why not create a website like the launchpad from the Ubuntu project (or the launchpad ). In this website the community helps to translate the ubuntu project. The english version is uploaded and people around the world helps to translate. Here you can see the translation for the WordPress blog engine ( https://translations.launchpad.net/wordpress/1.5/+pots/wordpress/pt_BR/+translate?show=new_suggestions )

    So, why not upload the english transcription of the lectures so we can help translate? And after that to do the subtitle is quite simple, google video has already the tools for it.

    I have translated one video, I want to translate more, i want to help to spread TED’s ideas, I think that some of your ideas will be much more helpfull in countries like mine (Brazil), but unfortunately the language barrier is a great problem.

    Here is the Iqbal Qadir translation that I have done.


    Best Regards


  • Mike MacLeod commented on Jan 31 2008

    This is awesome. I got it!