What's your big question?

Posted by: Tedstaff

2292646611_ef07f2f578.jpgThe design firm Ideo has built a cool little question-asking widget to celebrate the theme of TED2008/TED@Aspen: The Big Questions. Download it to your desktop, and it will ask you a new question every day (and tell you the day and date):

+ Where will you walk today?
+ What are you looking forward to telling your grandchildren about?
+ How could you inspire someone to ride a bike?

Some of these questions appear on the TED2008 gift bag tag (left) — and via the Ideo website, you can also submit your own questions.

Download the widget >>

Comments (8)

  • Duncan Rickelton commented on Aug 8 2009

    Two questions:

    Will TED be coming out with a video widget that I can embed on my blog, IdeasExist.com?


    What is the best idea you have ever had?

  • Lawrence Jasper commented on Feb 24 2009

    How do I present my solution to the USA’s Economic crisis initiating Jasper’s Gateways using the “Little City” platform to support small to medium businesses across the country providing them the 21st Century smart technology tools and establishing a network, while incorporating a maglev distribution system to provide 6.5 million jobs in 4 years?

  • Colin K N A U F commented on Feb 5 2009


    When are we going to return women to their pedestal; and honour them and respect their nature? Be in awe of their ability to work magic and make miracles rather than ‘liberate them’ for consumption. When are we going to stop plumbing them for profit? When are we going to see the seriousness of nature and trust our selves once again and our innate ability for true survival? When are we going to trust nature over knives and needles: When are we going to honour the amazing science of natural birth, natural nutrition: the milk of human kindness, vital loving touch? When are we going to start giving babies all they need so we can stop giving them all they want out of guilt, when they get older —but fail to grow up.
    When are we once again going to honour a child’s vital, important and pivotal primal year? When are we going to once again give our children health rather than attempt to buy it?
    When are we going to start raising children once again instead of razing the planet?

  • Mainda Kiwelu commented on Feb 2 2009

    Hi! I have Windows Vista, I can’t get the widget to run once i’ve downloaded it. Any suggestions?

  • Timothy Fox commented on Dec 1 2008

    Do you think there was a super continent or did the earth swell?

  • John Warren commented on Feb 27 2008

    Any additional instruction for how to install so this actually shows up automatically–I am running WIndows XP.
    Thank you–this is a super idea!

  • Miguel dos Santos commented on Feb 27 2008

    If only they had RSS feeds, or even email notifications, for those who don’t have Windows Vista or Mac OS X.
    I’d really like to see the questions posted, which might spark my own question, but I’m not likely to remember to visit the website everyday.

  • Sherry Strong commented on Mar 1 2008

    Question: What did Garrett Lisi say when he saw Al Gore dancing?
    Answer: Hey Dude, look at that Al Gore Rhythm.