Who's blogging TED2008 and TED@Aspen?

Posted by: Emily McManus

Here’s the list so far — and if you’re blogging your impressions of TED2008 or TED@Aspen, photoblogging, Twittering, … drop an email to contact (at) ted.com and we’ll add you to the list:

+ The mighty Ethan Zuckerman live-blogged every sessions of TED2008 in Monterey at … My Heart’s in Accra.
+ TED’s European Director, Bruno Giussani, live-blogged here on the TED Blog and on his own blog, LunchOverIP (and look for his digests on the Huffington Post)

+ Nikhil Bhojwani is distilling each TED speaker into one line at Ted Talks in One Line
+ TED’s Music Director, Thomas Dolby, blogged about the day’s music on ThomasDolby.com
+ Don of FifthCulture has a group TED blog called Kings of Simulcast — check out the groovy poster.
+ Mitch Joel is blogging and Twittering
+ Eman’s Views is blogging from TED@Aspen, with photos
+ Tom Guarriello is posting video commentary
+ Jordan Ayan’s Marketing with Technology and More will focus on TED for the next four days
+ Harald Fegner will be “not live-blogging but constantly-blogging and twittering TED from my Europe perspective” at Red Fez
+ Howard Wright is musing from TED@Aspen
+ Jim Stolze is writing from TED@Aspen in Dutch, Twittering (and guest-posting here)
+ Tim Girvin (he designed this month’s “Free!” Wired cover) is blogging on design from TED@Aspen
+ Tara Whittle is blogging and Twittering from TED@Aspen
+ Joseph Riggio at BlogNostra is writing from TED@Aspen
+ Jack Abbott writes LIveFromAspen
+ Lew Moorman from Rackspace is blogging at TED@Aspen
+ Phil Gilbert is musing on business practice through the TED@Aspen lens at Perspectives in Process
+ Tara Hunt is tweeting
+ James Grant writes on design and process from TED@Aspen
+ M.A. from L.A. is teaching meditative breathing at TED@Aspen and blogging at SpaceSuitYoga
+ Robb Smith blogs from TED@Aspen at Integral Life
+ Sarah Heal blogs at Desire Lines
+ John La Grou blogs from TED@Aspen at Microlesia — look for his interesting analysis of TED attendees by religion
+ Lib Gibson is blogging post-TED
+ Follow TED on Twitter here >>
+ Conde Nast Portfolio’s Spottings blog has frequent updates
+ Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing did a bit of live-blogging
+ Sherry Strong (inventor of the Al Gore Rhythm) blogs from Monterey
+ Alan Saracevic is blogging from Monterey for the SF Chronicle‘s Tech Chronicles.
+ Christopher Herot Twitters and blogs

More blogs
Josh Spear
Megabyte Mike
Michael Parekh
Steve Gundrum’s Noteworthy
Michael Cerda at Cerdafied
Bernard Moon at Silicon Moon

– Research by Dan Schermele and Matthew Trost

Comments (12)

  • Dominique Jaurola commented on Mar 19 2008

    I’ve finally told my TED@Aspen story on my blog ‘far other worlds’ http://dominiquejaurola.wordpress.com/2008/03/19/tedaspen-2008/
    it is rather long……

  • Christopher Herot commented on Mar 5 2008

    I was twittering from Monterey and am now blogging about my enlightening week there.

    Twitter: http://twitter.com//cherot
    Blog: http://herot.typepad.com/

  • Emma Eloise commented on Mar 4 2008

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  • jack fox commented on Mar 3 2008

    Why is TED inaccessible? There are many solicitations to give up my email. Is TED a one-way street? But there is this blog; I am suspicious of organizations that have gatekeepers.


  • Alan Saracevic commented on Feb 29 2008

    My stuff can be found at http://www.sfgate.com/blogs/tech … The Tech Chronicles is the SF Chronicle’s tech blog

  • Tara Hunt commented on Feb 29 2008

    I’m live tweeting it here: http://www.twitter.com/missrogue

  • Sarah Heal commented on Feb 29 2008

    Sarah Heal is blogging from TED@Aspen : deriving personal meaning and actions

  • jack abbott commented on Feb 29 2008

    here’s another one, this from a previously “virgin” blogger:

  • Frank Jurden commented on Feb 28 2008

    Follow the ted2008 twitter meme at http://hashtags.org/tag/TED/

  • Scott Mattoon commented on Feb 28 2008

  • Austin Hill commented on Feb 28 2008

    Hi Emily,

    We’ve got a list of people who are Twittering TED up on my blog. Feel free to include it in your list. I’ll be updating as we find & add more Twittering TED attendees.


  • Mitch Joel commented on Feb 27 2008

    Still grappling my way to Monterey. Looks like a 2:00 arrival on-site. Austin Hill will also be twittering – http://www.twitter.com/austinhill. Feel free to connect via twitter :)