The answer was there all along

Posted by: Tedstaff

In his TEDTalk released today, physicist Stephen Hawking asks Big Questions about life, the universe and everything. His talk was recorded at Cambridge, in a borrowed classroom — whose well-used blackboard happens to contain the Answer to life, the universe and everything. It’s visible in the upper-right-hand corner of the shot above, and in this inset:
Thanks for the tip, Robert Todd!

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  • José Tavares commented on Apr 8 2008

    Humm… what’s before the ‘A=43-1′?

  • José Tavares commented on Apr 8 2008


    It’s not simple; It’s not speculation; Yes, it explains how superclusters, clusters, single galaxies, solar systems, stars & planets formed (although within other more specific areas, such as astronomy & astrophysics, for example) and, it even predicts (with scientific basis) its own end.
    But, you’ve got to do your home work, of course.

    Ce n’est pas simple; ce n’est pas speculation; Oui, il explique comment les supergroupes, les groupes, les galaxies simples, les systemes solaires, les etoiles et les planetes se forment (bien que dans d’autres aires plus specifiques, comme l’astronomie & l’astrophysique, par exemple) et, il predit meme (scientifiquement) sa fin propre…
    Mais, vous devez faire votre travail chez vous meme, evidemment (excusez mon Francais).


  • Jean - Claude Joannette commented on Apr 8 2008

    It’s so simple to day, to project ourself in the comos and speculate on the big bang….for exemple: Would the expension theory explained, some how, the begining of the Earth? If so, would it be also a good crack to explain the end of it?

  • Raphael Kabo commented on Apr 8 2008

    “I maded you an Answer… but I eated it :(“?

    I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.

  • David Gagne commented on Apr 6 2008

    Laurence: You could write it 42 or escape the function by using 42!, although the backslash is used for set difference… I think if you write it in sentence form you would be safe, i.e., “The answer is 42!” Although, since this is the internet, it might be appropriate to show the proper emotions, “OMG TEH ANSWER WUZ 42 LOL!”

  • Kevin Atwood commented on Apr 4 2008

    Although not yet The Grand Unified Theory, this presentation represents a call to action for those concerned. A particular kind of activism is required now. An activism that at it’s heart represents the TRUE intentions of the global citizen.

  • Laurence Sheldon commented on Apr 4 2008

    How do you write 42! without getting 42 * 41 * … *1?

  • Laurence Sheldon commented on Apr 4 2008

    [Head Slap]


    The answer is 42

  • Matthew Yohe commented on Apr 4 2008

    What’s the question?