Thomas Dolby remixes Radiohead

Posted by: Tedstaff

From the blog of TED’s musical director, Thomas Dolby:

I’ve done a remix of Radiohead’s gorgeous ‘Nude’ from the Rainbows album. This was not solicited by the band. They are running a remix contest for their single, and I just went to iTunes and bought the ’stems’ to the song for $5 just like everybody else. …

Visit the remix site to hear (and vote for!) the Thomas Dolby’s remix, or use the widget below >>

Comments (3)

  • Cory Robertson commented on Mar 28 2010

    Is this available to download or buy? I love this remix and want to add it to my library.

  • Mark Effinger commented on Apr 22 2008

    This was awesome!

    There are so few innovators playing on the edge. Thom Yorke and friends certainly lead the pack.

    There’s an Aussie bloke who could rock this. I encourage you to visit his site and listen in:
    Gotye. Wally de Backer is his real name. I believe he would be an excellent opening act for the next Radiohead tour…

  • Thomas Lord commented on Apr 20 2008

    Geeze, this is like sending a flying sea-uzi into a knife fight. I’ll vote for it anyway cause it’s a sweet mix for being sensitive to the music. Delicate little balance between the waltz forming a matrix, a little syncopation in there keeping that alive, and then the lush melodic and harmonic elements layered over that. It’s a very “primary colors” mix which is neither criticism or praise but… it has clarity and thoughtfulness to it. The sustain vs. sharply cut-off envelopes on some of the instrumental parts really bring out a lot compared to other versions I’ve listened to. (Thanks.)