Andrew Mwenda arrested, newspaper office raided

Posted by: Tedstaff

Reuters Africa is reporting that Andrew Mwenda and two other staffers of the Independent have been arrested by Ugandan officials. Reuters reports:

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Ugandan security forces on Saturday raided the offices of a magazine seen as critical of President Yoweri Museveni’s government, arresting three journalists and taking computers, a lawyer said.


The story in the Independent has more detailed coverage of this second raid since the launch of the newspaper in October.

In March, Andrew Mwenda was named a Young Global Leader for 2008 by the World Economic Forum. Watch the recent BBC World Debate in which Mwenda participated at this year’s TED.

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  • wazer alwazer commented on Dec 1 2008

    Press autonomous administration and the media an effective weapon allowed and protected by the act which under the Geneva Conventions
    “There has to be absolute freedom for journalists in the world
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  • Christianne Gonzalez commented on Apr 29 2008

    That’s a shame that a democratic parliamentary system keeps using dictatorial methods against citizens who express their opinion and report political news. The african journalist Andrew Mwenda is a serious, respected and respnsable professional. He is an important voice in and out side Uganda. Nevertheless, he had been arrested by Uganda’s authorities for three times without no concreet and justified reason. I’m wandering when we will see those criminals who arrested MWenda in the prision.