TEDAfrica 2008 plans suspended

Posted by: Tedstaff

From Chris Anderson, Curator of TED, and Emeka Okafor, TEDAfrica director:

Regretfully, we’re having to suspend plans for our TEDAfrica event scheduled for the end of September 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa.

We sought to have this event launched under the control of a local team operating under a license. The goal was to build on the full impact and quality of TEDGlobal held in Tanzania last year. But after reviewing progress with our licensees, we have mutually agreed that that is not going to be achievable in the available time. Our licensees did all they could to deliver on an ambitious plan, and we commend their effort.

We apologize to those of you who are disappointed or inconvenienced. Please email jane@ted.com with any specific questions or concerns. TED remains committed to its growing and passionate African community. We are considering a number of options, and expect to make a further announcement soon.

In the meantime, we will be focusing on Neil Turok’s TED Prize wish: that the next Einstein should come from Africa. See the website that TED and partners Avenue A/Razorfish just launched, NextEinstein.org, to support the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) — and follow the wish’s progress on the TED Prize Blog.

Comments (4)

  • Hans Gutbrod commented on May 18 2008

    it is a pity. But how about bringing it to the Caucasus? A focal crisis point (religion, oil, strategy), in urgent need of ideas…

  • Chikwe Ihekweazu commented on May 16 2008

    The dream must be kept alive. It has been difficult to share with others what the “Arusha experience” was really like.

    It was always going to take a bit of an effort…and real pity that we had to step o the breaks….

    Kudos to Kelo and her team

    ….and for all of us affected…the struggle must go on….and the “Arusha spirit” will live….

    Lets take some time out to digest this…and bounce back stronger! The dream must not be let to die…

  • Dave McQueen commented on May 16 2008

    This is painful and sucks big time. This is one brand of TED that my heart is in 100%, but hey what can we take forward from this?
    Many things actually.

    Many initiatives and deep relationships were spawned out of TED Africa in Tanzania. There is momentum, technology and resources to take this forward in a big way. TED spawned a number of initiatives and stories that will continue to exist with or without the conference.

    Innovation and education will continue to develop so let’s just roll on with the momentum even though the event is not going to happen. Forward ever, backward never.

    This is just a pause, the song is still playing.

  • Ramon Thomas commented on May 16 2008

    Really wish I could have been involved in the TEDAfrica conference because I know we can do it. Maybe the time frame to soon after TEDGlobal in Tanzania and a conference every 2nd year is more realistic in Africa.