XO laptop redesign: Pics!

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One Laptop per Child designer Yves Behar (watch his TEDTalk) shares exciting news about the top-to-bottom redesign of the XO laptop — sometimes called the “$100 laptop.” He writes:

With the XO (1.0), we pushed the boundaries of what a laptop could be by lowering the cost dramatically, being green (no heavy metals, lowest energy consumption ever), and a human-driven unique design approach.

Now, with XOXO (2.0), we are challenging what a truly collaborative and creative computing experience could be … a true departure from the traditional keyboard and screen layout, a new way to interface and play with data, information and communication:

- imagine if your learning machine was an un-interrupted screen one could interface with from any direction
- imagine if it was a reading experience just like a book, and at the same time a seamless large visual tablet
- imagine if children could play board games sitting across from each other (or computer games).

The XOXO is a book, a tablet, a board…and yes, a laptop too if that is what you need. The design is still green and white, but thin, simple, and un-interrupted by keyboards, buttons, speaker holes, input devices and visible connectors. And it is soft to the touch, like a piece of luggage, everyday luggage you can take anywhere.

Planned for early 2010, the XOXO should be the next learning object of desire, from Bogota, to Istanbul, to New York.

Read more about the XO laptop and One Laptop per Child >>


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  • Hayden Panettiere commented on May 29 2009

    It is a simplified graphical interface designed for children and the small screen provided by the XO laptop.

  • Somnath Biswas commented on May 20 2009

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  • Mark Robinsson commented on Apr 20 2009

    Looks like a real future gadget.


  • Vancontract hire commented on Mar 31 2009

    The word ‘anything’ really implies any-thing so the real answer is no! Eg: a large video (4gig+) would deplete its resources. The laptop uses flash memory and is 1gig in size. Technically I could say yes you could download/save ‘anything’ but you would be constantly deleting stuff to make room for more stuff. In terms of specifications, a palm/hand computer/phone is faster, stores more and is more portable. I would also caution that the system could prove very slow to use depending on what you are using it for – if just browsing the web, it would be fine. Any application or entertainment would slow it down quite a bit. Its a great idea for developing countries and/or kids but generally you need more and sadly that costs more…..thanks by citroen berlingo contract hire !!!!!

  • Liza Fernandes commented on Mar 12 2009

    What’s most interesting about the XO laptop is the operating system and graphical environment. The OLPC initiative partnered with Red Hat Software to develop these components. The Linux 2.6 kernel and GNU software make up the operating system, but the graphical interface is called Sugar. It is a simplified graphical interface designed for children and the small screen provided by the XO laptop.
    Application development is innovative as well. Applications, or activities as they’re called in the XO laptop, are Python programs using GTK+. I’ll discuss Sugar and Python programming for the XO laptop later in this article.



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  • mechanic mechanic commented on Mar 11 2009

    What does the XO Laptop do? OK I recently saw something called the XO laptop and I was curious about it’s energy efficient build and weather resistance AND of course cheap price. I was curious about the laptop. Of course the laptop looks childish. It’s greenish (not because of that but I’m j8ust saying) and has such features. I’m not sure though because I saw screenshots and it didn’t seem like much to me…I didn’t find anything useful. Question is…IS IT A REAL LAPTOP???..thanks ..!!!

  • Asha beb commented on Feb 24 2009

    Specific answer to how I can get internet on my XO laptop? Hey I’ve asked this question before but my answer made now sense at all….So what do I need to do for internet on my XO laptop? Not a regular laptop …So what do I do? Go to internet? Get someone to do it for me? Umm…Buy it? What? I have no idea how to use the thing honestly LOL…Asha

  • DJ Adams commented on Jul 6 2008

    I really like the new design concepts of the OLPC computer. I think it should be made available to everybody. An additional 50% charge could be added to the price for those buying it outside the current parameters, and the additional charge could be directed toward the purchases for the needy. A combination of two of the additional charges would add up to a free unit for someone that couldn’t afford it.

  • David Lockman commented on May 22 2008

    This is the most imaginative design I’ve seen in a long time. Functionally flexible, durable, and just gorgeous. I’m hoping this will lead to some new ideas for laptops here in the industrialized world.

    Any other issues aside, Negroponte’s goal – getting laptops into the hands of children in developing nations – is very worthwhile, and we support it completely. Human development has always been about using our brains to make life better for as many people as possible.

    As our CEO, Mark Alan Effinger, has noted before, the ThoughtOffice team and RichContent folks are at your service.

    David Lockman
    Product Specialist

  • Don Barry commented on May 21 2008

    Even worse — pretending a commitment to a free software/free content educational philosophy to get community participation and then revealing it was all a sham to build credibility and leverage for Negroponte. This stab in the back should not be soon forgotten by the community.

  • Padraic Ryan commented on May 20 2008

    Let’s not forget the most important part of the redisgn: OLPC forsaking its commitment to free software and installing Windows.