Synesthesia on demand

Posted by: Emily McManus


Many of us have a touch of synesthesia — seeing numbers or hearing musical tones as colors, thanks to a lucky bit of crossed wiring in the brain. Many commenters on Vilayanur Ramachandran’s TEDTalk talk engagingly about their experience with it. Want to know what it feels like? Try this: a synesthesia generator >>.

It’s a feature of the hypertext exploration site Hypertextopia. And yes, you can change the colors — so if you see A as white and C as green, but your brother insists that A is red (because, as Ramachandran points out, synesthesia runs in families, but no one has it in exactly the same way), just click the row of letters below the text window.

Comments (3)

  • wazer alwazer commented on Dec 8 2008

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  • Kelly Brice commented on Nov 13 2008

    This is very interesting I love the how you can just click colors, this could be applied to people who might have cancer or some other disease that my make them color blind or vision impaired. Great work here !

  • digi klan commented on Aug 16 2008

    Sounds very interesting. i will try soon.
    so when you say something like ” youtube videos” every family see different things? so it must have been genetical or something.
    i will check it out on that source.