Discussing Aging At UCLA

Posted by: Bgiussani

The Methuselah Foundation and TED speaker Aubrey de Grey (watch his TEDGLOBAL 2005 speech) will host next week in Los Angeles “Aging: The Disease, The Cure, The Implications”, a symposium featuring world-renowned scientists and advocates of stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

The symposium will highlight the scientific prospects for using regenerative medicine to eliminate age-related disease, disability, suffering and death, as well as discuss public policy and legislation as it pertains to relevant scientific research (California plays a leading role in this, notably after the passing of Prop 71 that allocated $3 billion to fund stem cell research).

The symposium will be held on Friday 27 June at UCLA (Detailed info here). Attendance is free, but advance registration is required.

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  • Bob Bello commented on Jun 22 2008

    This touches one of my sci-fi topics, developed into a novel series, which I
    am discussing right now with other writers, space artists, cosmologists, and
    general lovers of the genre. If you are interested in this discussion either point of vide (i.e., sci-fi, cosmology, art, futurism, philosophy, spirituality, etc.), come join me, at http://www.flickr.com/groups/sci-fi-art/,
    http://scifiart.blogspot.com/, or http://timeship.wordpress.com/.
    I know that many would rather talk about it unofficially, for it is still considered a scientific taboo, but “ostrich politics” won’t help here, because (generally speaking), people want to live forever and almost no one likes death. Anything is better than avoiding this issue, because–today or tomorrow, this way or another–the future generation are going to fight the aging gene with or without us.

    BTW, I study the topic from all points of view, so this isn’t an anti-scientific subject matter to me.

    “Imagination is greater than science. Science is limited.” –Einstein.