Bjorn Lomborg asks, Why worry about global warming?

Posted by: Tedstaff

Bjorn Lomborg has a bone to pick with environmentalists, and he’s not afraid to let us know about it. In two recent articles in the British press, Dr. Lomborg argues that global warming is both overblown and a waste of money, when there are global concerns both more pressing and less costly to tackle. Instead, he insists that “instead of trying to cut CO2 emissions, we should focus on dramatically increasing the funding into energy research and development. What matters is getting low-cost low-carbon technology available faster.”

Watch Bjorn Lomborg’s talk on TED.com, where he suggests we tackle the world’s most critical issues — in order.

Comments (2)

  • Jim Satterfield commented on Oct 22 2008

    Lomborg makes many highly questionable assumptions. The link provided by Rory points out some of them. In addition, like most “skeptics” he scoffs at the climate models but when pointing out that they might be wrong his assumption is always that they are wrong on the cooler side when in fact they could be wrong in the other direction just as easily. He also tends to understate the potential problems that global warming could cause. Frankly, I just don’t have a lot of respect for him

  • Rory Williams commented on Oct 20 2008

    Nice idea to take a rational approach to assessing climate change mitigation and other pressing world issues, but there are a few flaws in Lomborg’s approach. For one thing, his Copenhagen Consensus is comparing apples with oranges. You can’t just say that because one investment strategy gives a better ROI than another, that means you should start with the one with the better return. Even if you could, economists are renowned for finding different ways to slice the apple. Pick your fav economist, and go with it.