Week Two of the TEDTalks re-upload

Posted by: Emily McManus

Starting last week, we’ve been updating all 300+ TEDTalks with freshly encoded video. We anticipate it will take another week or so to refresh everything on the site. Our deepest thanks to the many people who’ve volunteered to help screen the new talks.

RSS users: Please note that, although most of our RSS feeds are working fine, some Google Reader feeds are picking up all the archive talks as we re-upload them, sometimes multiple times. We’re working on a workaround for this — but in the meantime, if you see a long list of TEDTalks come into your Google Reader all at the same time, in alphabetical order, you can safely ignore them — or scan the list for talks you might have missed.

Also this week, we’re testing our brand-new video player. (You can preview the player in Virginia Postrel’s blog entry, below.) More news on this soon.

If you’d like to help screen the new video, drop me a note with the subject line “TED video.” We’ll assign you a few talks to watch, and ask for your feedback via a short form.

And if you’re watching any TEDTalk and notice a glitch, use our form to let us know.

Thanks for all your help and feedback during this push!

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  • esmirriao jonatan commented on Jun 25 2009


  • esmirriao jonatan commented on Jun 25 2009


  • Spinergy Dude commented on Oct 20 2008

    Hi Emily McManus,

    I LOVE what TED is about and stands for. What I want to do is to be able to partake not for a prize or even money… Rather to speak up for over 2 billion people in the world’s single largest CLUB.

    Sadly I can’t afford to travel to you to give my speach. I don’t even own or have access to a video and or web camera. Yet, I’m reaching out to people.

    I can’t drive myself any longer, yet I am able to span the globe.

    Seems no matter how many times I install and re-install Adobe Flash Player 9 or the newest one this site will not work with my Opera web browser. So I can’t update my profile or anything…

    I have noticed that one topic NO ONE so far that I can seem to find has touched on, let alone dive right into…

    People with disABILITIES on a global basis. Well with or without TED’s help I’m using Google/YouTube to reach out where real life has fallen far short on and dropped the ball.

    As I fight for my independence, and my home of 15 years… I also now fight for so much more than just me.

    Until the advent of the Internet and tools like YouTube abd Open source and freeware software we people with disabilities could not ever dare do what it is I’m doing now.

    Making as in I’m out doing it to make it happen and NOT just spending time talking about it happening…

    AbiliTV is the name of my dream, the reality is it’s heading to become the world’s first all inclusive full on TV styled online social network.

    Unlike so many other ideas I see on TED, and other places… My efforts and dream cost no money to make happen. No additional money that is other than what ever someone has created anyway.

    Now, think of a YouTube and all other video sites included devoted to just people with disabilities on a worldwiide scope.

    And, you will only just start to realize the dream I’m making come true. Have been now for about four to five months.

    In that time I went from just me thinking about People with ANY disABILITY to being on TV with parts and roles equal to our able bodied counterparts…

    To Professional disAbled athletes sponsored by NIKE thinking about it, to Paralympians thinking about it, to Jonhson & Johnson being introduced to the world of people with disabiltities because of my reaching out as I have. Not allowing lack of equipment, knowledge, and even any of my multi disabilities stand in my way.

    To media companies taking notice, and to DJ’s mixing music in clubs on the radio and other places you may even enjoy to start thinking about this being possible…

    I will you see find a way to communicate my horrid treatment, and others as well to the world one day… Sooner rather than later.

    And, not once ever will I ask for money, anhy grants, or other funding of any kind to make this happen…

    TIME is equally pricelss to all people regardless of their post in life. Think about it.

    I have yet to meet anyone who can BANK time, and use it on a rainy day when they feel they really need it. No matter who you are, or what you do the clock ticks on.

    I hate to tell people what I’m able to do even before being in a wheelchair and living life at a level 8 out of ten pain… I could not stand saying what I could do.

    I like to get DOING. I just go do to work and make it happen. Then if people want to ask about what I did, that is something else.

    Unlike these people with golden safety nets that crap all over people and still get paid insanely for running a company into the ground.

    I’ve tried pointlessly to contact TED with my idea and so far… It seems TED is rather closed minded in reality. Something I will be sharing on YouTube.

    You can KEEP all and any prizes and other so called ideas to incite people to share.

    I am willing to do so for NO PRIZE.

    OH, well… Maybe then I keep contacting Sebators, Governors, and other people until one day someone hears me… As I have been doing.

    FORCED ISOLATION has been done to people with disabitities from the start of the human race. These people have been KILLED, ignored, and worse… Yes, actually their are many things worse than death.

    And, for all the people we hear about being laid to waste by ALL societies of every COUNTRY of every ethnic race as NONE have been able to ACCEPT people with DIFFERENCES (disabilities) fully or at all…

    We are talking BILLIONS of people killed or left to die and rot over the time of humanity and yet we never WHINE and cry POOR us we deserve better let’s sue everyone…

    No what we do is realize what the REAL disabilities are.

    Ignorance. As with IGNORANCE you get a poor and crappy ATTITUDE, once you have a bad atttiude then comes the HATE.

    Notice these three TOOLS or lack of affect 100% of ALL people.


    The Human Race’s Three Real Disabilities.

    Not my ADHD, or my being Bipolar, or being crippled.

    And, TED so you know I will find the means to get PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES brought out of the dark ages with tools found online.

    Somehow I imagined TED would welcome someone like me doing something like this. Seems TED is all about what ever comes easiest to it.

    I will not allow the IGNORANCE of those not able to REPLY to my emails in the past stop my dreams, and or prevent me from doing what I do best.

    Visit YouTube enter SpinergyDude to see what it is I’m doing and HOW I’m reaching out.

    Somehow, I imagine the people of TED will be just much to busy in their soft cushy lives to be bothered by some crippled man like me…

    Yet, here I am trying to get your attention somehow.

    And, no YOUR time is not worth any more money than my time is. Not matter how OVERPAID you are.

    Never, assume anything when it comes to my ABILITY to overcome your ignorance.