Watch Rives' ad for European TV

Posted by: Emily McManus

Rives writes in to tells us: “A few months ago a researcher at a French ad company was scouring the web, looking for ‘real people’ who could be featured in a European ad campaign … He comes across my ‘If I Controlled the Internet‘ poem on TEDTalks and figures: This is the guy.”

See the results:


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  • Mark Effinger commented on Nov 8 2008

    Not bad.. but so far short of the real Rives performance.

    Then again, I expect this company knows their viewers better than I.

    But still… where’s the big “a-HA!” moment in this ad?

    Not like the one in his more recent Emoticon performance, or his Tear your head off Def Poetry Jam gig.

    Those be some wicked rap-rock performances.

    Rives uncaged is the best. Let’s hope he keeps the same depth of performance and intimacy of connection that he’s known for. This is why we return over and over: always something new, even on the 10th view.