The story of Serious Play

Posted by: Emily McManus

Our TEDTalk today, from Ideo’s Tim Brown, comes from the 2008 Art Center Design Conference, wonderfully named Serious Play. Curated by the design legend Chee Pearlman, the Serious Play conference was held this past May at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

A nice benefit of holding a conference at a design school: plenty of student art to record speakers and small moments in fresh ways. The image above — which will make perfect sense once you’ve watched Tim Brown’s TEDTalk — comes from the Art Center College‘s flickr photostream. (Here’s another take on the same talk …)

Watch for more TEDTalks from Serious Play in the coming weeks and months.

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  • David Lockman commented on Nov 10 2008

    Tim Brown shared some great stories in this talk. I never knew that Robert McKim had conducted experiments in the ’60s, introducing peyote to product designers, to see if it enhanced their creativity. The link between mind-altering drugs and creativity has long seemed to be the case with rock musicians, for example. I hear time and again, “when that band got sober, their music started to suck”. In fact, it might even begin to explain such things as the Pontiac Aztek…