Help translate the Charter for Compassion video

Posted by: Tedstaff

Whatever else we believe in, most of us believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize, she wished for the Charter for Compassion, a document that affirms this core belief. The Charter will prove that most people around the world — no matter our religion — share this ideal.

To help start the project, we’ve created a beautiful short video about the Charter. Listen for powerful stories of one-on-one compassion, and reaffirm your own belief in the power of voices united to share the Golden Rule. (The film is directed by Jesse Dylan, who also directed “Yes We Can.”)

So far the Charter team and our wonderful volunteers have translated the video into Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. You can help expand that list!

If you are interested, go to dotSUB and register. Then go to our video, choose the language you want to translate the video into, and you’re ready to translate. (Write to armstrong [at] with any technical issues.)

Comments (3)

  • Tim Berry commented on Nov 13 2008

    And (agreeing with cotton M and disagreeing with Richard C) let’s not forget that those who use religion to preach hatred and violence are organized in frameworks built around religion, misguided in my opinion, but still, the glue in a lot of the fundamentalists movements of different types is couched in religious terms. The existence of those organizations argues for this kind of organized response. Somebody has to remind people that the violence and hatred groups are splinter groups, misunderstanding the core teachings of whatever religion they happen to use as the host.

  • cotton M commented on Nov 12 2008

    Richard C-

    I truly understand your point but it isn’t practical either. Maybe agreeing on a final charter is an impossible task but the conversation trying to get there would be invaluable. How else would an understanding of compassion happen? In silence? Yes compassion starts one person at a time but let’s not throw road blocks like “codify” & “fettering” in the road in the very first mile, please.

  • Richard C commented on Nov 12 2008

    Good video but the concept really doesn’t work for me. The last thing we need is to codify compassion/ kindness by fettering it in a “charter”. Just do it. The world has enough charters, I think.