Investing in a free press: An archive talk from Sasa Vucinic on TED.com

Posted by: Tedstaff

A free press — papers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs — is the backbone of any true democracy (and a vital watchdog on business). Sasa Vucinic, a journalist from Belgrade, talks about his new media fund, which supports free media by selling bonds. As one TED member writes: “The opening clip is full of power and meaning. It is sufficient to get you hooked for the rest of this amazing talk.” (Recorded July 2005 in Oxford, UK. Duration: 18:12.)

Watch Sasa Vucinic’s talk from TEDGlobal in Oxford on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 300+ TEDTalks — including more talks about Media That Matters.

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Comments (2)

  • Nagendra Singh commented on May 21 2009

    “A free press — papers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs — is the backbone of any true democracy”
    Well i cant see democracy being any helpful these days. Worlds biggest democracy is also very big in corruption and with free speech dont know what all people are going bring which is in their mind. The question arise how do we trust the creditability of those speeches? And if people are under influence then what is going to happen, it would be another brain washed nation, doing stupid things ( if you know what i mean) !

  • Ron C. de Weijze commented on Nov 15 2008

    Bonds to support freedom of speech? I am not sure. On the one hand I can see how important it is to fight dictatorship. On the other hand, why would that freedom have to be economized and not be appreciated as our second or first nature? How can I be sure that my investment is not used to support only the freedom of my political enemy? What just happened in the US and EU, that news networks started endorsing political correctness and presidential candidates, in their own interest: would that be where my bonds were put? That is no truth-loving press, throwing out independent confirmation, but that is groupsism on a grand scale, much like a post market crash, pre WWII political climate.