Friday's hidden gem: Peter Gabriel talks about WITNESS

Posted by: Emily McManus

Each Friday recently, we’ve been featuring a TEDTalk that was posted early on in the TED.com experiment. Today’s hidden gem is from rock star and activist Peter Gabriel, talking about WITNESS.org, a project that uses powerful user-created video and online media to fight for human rights.

He starts with a deeply moving personal story that may actually catch you off-guard. (Rives writes: “I play the first minute of this talk to my poetry students to teach them how to explain, charm, recollect and devastate.”) His point: the power of a story, and the act of building a visceral, personal connection to that story, can move mountains. Watch for astonishing video from the WITNESS project — shot by people from the most dangerous places and situations in our modern world.

Watch this talk >>

More: Over on BoingBoing.tv, Xeni Jardin has a fascinating interview this week with Grace Lile, a digital archivist from WITNESS.org.

Comments (4)

  • Mike Crabe commented on Mar 30 2009

    Peter Gabriel looks like such a great man. I think that he looks kinda like my father.

  • Robert Riley commented on Feb 23 2009

    I have high respects for Peter, he’s been rediscovering himself lately doing lots of charity work and stuff like fighting for human rights… at least someone worthy who understood that life is not just about fame. He dedicated “Don’t give up” tune to his brother-in-law who fought skin cancer and no chemotherapy could help him.

  • alan buchanan commented on Feb 17 2009

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  • Brian Feeney commented on Dec 16 2008

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