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In tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine, online today, there’s a very in-depth story about Steven Pinker — My Genome, My Self: Steven Pinker Gets to the Bottom of His Own Genetic Code. Pinker, along with nine other volunteers, had his genes sequenced last year as part of the Personal Genome Project. He learned many, many things about himself. But the process left him wondering more than ever: How did my genes help make me what I am?

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Photo: Jeff Riedel for The New York Times

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  • elman tabaq commented on Jan 11 2009

    His ideas about language as an “instinct” are worth reading.
    As Mr. Theodore Dalrymple wrote in his Article on The Language Instinct; Pinker stresses that children do not learn language by imitation; rather, they learn it because they are biologically predestined to do so. “Let us do away,” he writes, with what one imagines to be a rhetorical sweep of his hand, “with the folklore that parents teach their children language.” It comes as rather a surprise, then, to read the book’s dedication: “For Harry and Roslyn Pinker, who gave me language.”
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