Goal: Watch every video on the TED site

Posted by: Tedstaff

Ms Alex, a blogger from Leeds, UK, has set an ambitious program of 101 goals for the next 21 months. And Number 32 is: Watch every video on the TED site. In an update, Alex shares the master spreadsheet of talks watched so far, with opinions and ratings. Go, Ms Alex, go!

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  • Ms Mad commented on Dec 30 2010

    We’ve done a series on 10 TED talks that relate to drugs and addiction. Check them out!


  • Alex W commented on Jul 29 2009

    I added an update to this goal on my 101 goals in 1001 days blog – http://101ofawolf.blogspot.com/2009/07/day-0210-watching-all-ted-videos-update.html.

    Basically I’m 4/5 complete in watching the historic videos!

    • Kyle Giesbrecht commented on Mar 21 2010

      How are you doing on your goal Alex? I just started this as my goal last month! It’s one of the best personal challenges I have ever taken! Challenging yourself to be inspired sure is tough work.. haha

  • Dan S. commented on Apr 26 2009

    Are you kidding…. wow, well you’ll have to let us know if you actually reach that goal as well. I’d say that ambitious is not the word for it.. there’s got to be something else to describe such a goal. Nothing short of trying to watch even a quarter of the videos on youtube.

  • Edward Carter commented on Jan 26 2009

    Where is the list? I image I am pretty close.
    I need to start taking better notes so I know which ones to show at my next mini-TED.
    Seeing the archive tapes makes me happy. I’m afraid to watch TED online-incase that means I will only see re-runs the next year.
    Could someone send me the TED broadcast schedule… I mean, do they broadcast talks 24 hours a day or is there a sleep break, meal break, talk to each other break? I needeth a clue.

  • Darina Stoyanova commented on Jan 27 2009

    That is a great goal Ms Alex & Thanks TED for making us all such incurable addicts. A recent great article in NYT “Confession of a TED addict” spurred too many insights, analogies and funny conversations to retell, but you can read, enjoy and share them in my blog where I also confess my TED addiction publicly… :)

    Here’s the start of it. You can get the rest at http://joybringer.gaia.com/blog

    “Confessions of a TED addict ~ NYT, Virginia Haffernan
    Posted on Jan 26th, 2009 by Joy Bringer

    OK. Confession time. Please forgive us for we have sinned and have no day without a daily TED Talk dose in our brains. And if Virginia below is an admitted addict with 40 videos under her hat, how shall we classify ourselves with over 200, if not more? TED junkies, or worse? Anyway if you are in the same plane, let’s meet in TED Addicts Anomymous and find a cure for this idea tsunami, yes? :)”

  • Emily McManus commented on Jan 26 2009

    Hi Edward!

    Here’s the list as of today, Jan 26, 2009:


    Judging by your comments, I imagine you’re pretty close to 100 percent — would you let me know how close you are to seeing them all?

  • Alex W commented on Jan 27 2009

    Oh my word, imagine my delight to see this featured on the TED blog! Thanks so much for the support – I’m on day 27 and the rest of the 1001 days are set to be very inspired, creative and entertaining – Goal 032 is definitely a highlight of my Mission 101 list.

    Thanks again for making the videos available!

    Ms Alex