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Watch the TED Prize wishes live in cinemas

Posted by: Tedstaff


Next Thursday night, Feb. 5, the 2009 TED Prize winners will make their audacious wishes to change the world. We’ve been working hard to make this session accessible to people around the world. So we’ll be presenting, for the first time ever, the TED Prize live in select theaters and cinemas across the US.

In this live simulcast at some of America’s most glorious theaters, watch as deep-ocean explorer Sylvia Earle, astronomer Jill Tarter, and maestro Jose Antonio Abreu reveal their 2009 TED Prize wishes to change the world. Be among the first to see what they wish for!

When: Thursday, February 5
Start time: 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern
Tickets: $20.
Theaters include:
Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills, CA, 310-274-6869
Laemmle’s Playhouse, Pasadena, CA, 626-844-6500
Michigan Theatre, Jackson, MI, 517-783-0962
Bryn Mawr Film Institute, Bryn Mawr, PA, 610-527-9898
Jane Pickens Theater, Newport, RI, 401-846-5252

We hope you can join us!

More details and an updated list of cinemas >>


Comments (4)

  • Mariely Vèlez commented on Apr 15 2009

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  • Lara Stein commented on Jan 30 2009

    This is the first year we are launching the TED in cinemas program. We are excited about the long term potential. This year we were only able to set up distribution deals in Australia and the US. We are hoping to grow this program in the years to come.
    Lara (TED Licensing Director)

  • Rodien de Maar commented on Jan 30 2009

    What about the none US citizen who would love to see this in the theatres??!
    Don’t underestimate your followers world wide. We would love to connect here with you from the Netherlands. As I am sure many other countries would too.
    Good luck with TED. For now will still be following everything via the web. Thanks for that!
    Keep going strong! Rodien.

  • Grace Sloan commented on Jan 27 2009

    Funny story: I’m the projectionist at the Laemmle Music Hall, and whilst I was waiting for a TED lecture to load on this shoddy internet connection, I glanced over at what the schedule of movies are for next week. Imagine my surprise to see “TED (HD Live Video Conference)”! I’m beaming with pride. Thank you so much for doing this!