TED2009 minutes from Erik Hersman: Louise Fresco on the world's daily bread

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Erik Hersman is continuing to liveblog TED2009 as Ethan Zuckerman accepts an award at another function. Here’s a sample of his coverage on Louise Fresco, an expert on food and agriculture:

“The industrial revolution brought us many great advances. But it also created a world of supermarkets. We shouldn’t despise the Wonder bread, because it means that we have created a way to make bread available to all. Even though it is tasteless and has a lot of problems, it has changed the world.”

Erik has brought us a tidy summary of Louise’s thoughts on bread and the beginnings of true solutions to feeding the world.

Photo: TED / Asa Mathat

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  • Lorenzo Giamotto commented on Jun 24 2010

    To me, professor Fresco’s insights are really key to feeding the world. We sometimes tend to forget – with our focus on organic, clean, renewable and aesthetically pleasing farming – what the real challenges are in the global south. I’m following her ideas through several sources, including Mr Hersman’s, because to me she hit the nail on the head with that TED talk.