Twitter Snapshot: Shai Agassi says electric cars or bust

Posted by: Tedstaff

Shai Agassi gave one of the most powerfully convincing talks at TED2009 on the necessity of the fully electric car. Here are choice attendees’ highlights via Twitter:

Shai Agassi “Hybrids are like mermaids. When you want a woman, you get a fish; when you want a fish, you get a woman” — ashdonaldson

Brilliant – Agassi is talking about separating battery of electric car from the car to lower cost.hamids

Agassi: Battery swap stations instead of plugging in. What a great idea for electric cars. — ghbrett

Shai Agassi has a more convenient, more affordable electric car he wants you to drive. –

Forget 20% by 2020. Think in two numbers: 0 and infinity: 0 footprint and scale to infinity – Shai Agassi — AmyLeaman

Agassi gets a standing O. “If we don’t change this, we’ll lose our economy right after we lose our morality.” — pjk

Well Shai, you’ve won TED’s support. Next step — the world.

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  • Mike Stodels commented on Jun 20 2009

    I also agree with the conspiracy theorists! I don’t think the major oil firms will easily let a full electric hit the roads without trying to stop the progress. All silently and behind the scenes of course! Apparently Tesla developed this idea ages ago, but his idea and all paperwork was “confiscated”. Just something I read, you may have to wikipedia it.

  • Peter Daas commented on Feb 6 2009

    I think it’s tough to get a fully electric car to the market because of oil companies being opposed to the development. Might be a little too conspiracy minded for some people, but I really feel they have a lot of power.

  • Joe Blow commented on Feb 5 2009

    Thank you, John. I have bookmarked the site and will be looking it over shortly. I’m actually wondering why a fully electric car hasn’t been put on the market yet. With all the technology we have, how difficult can that be for the right person?

  • john bancroft commented on Feb 5 2009

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