Twitter Snapshot: Dan Ariely on testing our intuition

Posted by: Tedstaff

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely gave a thought-provoking presentation on human irrationality and intuition in this morning’s first session at TED2009. Here are some attendees’ reactions via Twitter:

Dan Ariely became intersted in behavioral science while in hospital & thinking abt what hurts more: rip off bandage fast or slow — brainpicker

Dan Ariely: “A lot of people cheat a little bit regardless of incentive or risk.” — heartnsoul

“Signing an honor code reduced cheating significantly.” — heartnsoul

Dan Ariely shares a lesson from behavioral economics “We have many intuitions in life, and many of those intuitions are wrong.” — brainpicker

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely at #ted gives great talk on cheating/intuition. “Unless we test our intuitions we won’t do better” — HelenWalters

Ariely is killer awesome. He shows the nuances for predictability instead of painting a b&w picture of economics and stats. — missrogue

Our intuition says that TED really liked Dan. Is Twitter snapshot a viable test?

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  • Jonathan Marks commented on Feb 8 2009

    Was fortunate to talk with Dan at some length after a chance meeting in Munich at DLD. I love the audible version of his book, read by Simon Jones of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame (Arthur Dent). Dan picked the voice – its a breathtaking 7 hours. I believe that TED should also look at the services being offered by Dan. Does giving away 1 million dollars lead to bigger successes than if they gave 10 grants of 100,000? There’s a whole research project sitting there.

  • Raymond Floyd commented on Feb 7 2009

    This maybe a tie in…I feel personally as we increase the usages of technology (we) people will tend to evolve to to a simple state of human behavior…which will be back to collective communities that serve one another in groups…maybe a backwards evolution of social consciousness…examples would be back to simple bartering system…focusing production not consumption…values..etc…