His TEDTalk on the base system was better

Posted by: Matthew Trost


(From xkcd)

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  • Patrick Settle commented on Sep 22 2009

    I’d like to propose an alternative.
    %u2026linux (or BSD (: )

    Of course the proper solution is to move towards using UTF-8.
    ( So I can use proper smiley %u263A)

    Edit: oh ted… ted ted ted. Why oh why you no support UTF-8 comments?

  • Morgana Summers commented on Sep 1 2009

    Emoticon logistics would enthrall me no end, were it delivered by Monsieur Munroe.

  • Morteza Pourmohamadi commented on Feb 9 2009

    So… When do we see Randall in TED? That Parenthetical statement really needs some brainstorming…

  • Hulk Smaash commented on Feb 10 2009

    =D LOL !!! =p

  • Denise Bem David commented on Feb 11 2009

    My solution is to use a different size for the smiley (ex; use size 8 and the parenthetical marks and rest of the text in size 12. Or vice-versa). Other solution is to use a different colour for the emoticon. In both cases, tools for “treating” the text need to be available.