New-school motivational posters

Posted by: Emily McManus

ChristophNeimann.gifInspired by today’s archive talk from Milton Glaser, we share these fresh motivational posters from ReadyMade. Taking a cue from the poster art of the last Great Depression, the magazine asked five artists to make a simple image that would inspire us to do good things. You can view and download all five — or get inspired to create your own.

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  • Lee Rappaport commented on Feb 15 2009

    I oversee a large group of au pairs from 20 different countries. Each month, when we meet, I like to introduce something typically “Americana” to them. After all, these au pairs (18-26 year old male & females) came to the USA to learn about our culture & traditions, while sharing their customs & differences/similarities with their host parents and children.

    I love the posters that were displayed in this article. Each one rings true for my group! I will be discussing the WPA era, how these themes relate to today, what they think about the topics and perhaps have a writing contest on these subjects. Thank you enlightening me on past Art so that I can share with the au pairs that have touched my life & have enriched it in a global capacity.

    Aditionally, I take a group to our local farmer’s market on either Saturday or Sunday. What a thrill it is to introduce a German au pair to her first oyster or ask a local produce vendor where his farm is located or savor all of the ethnic delights that make our country one big melting pot of a delectable, savory stew. Eat Local, Buy Local, Grow Local . We’ve come full circle.