Trendables — 6 products that can

Posted by: Matthew Trost


-able, everyone’s favorite “can-do” adjective suffix, is enjoying a revival. 20-some years since its heyday, we’ve found it stitched to no less than six modern product names, deriving for them a certain adroitness that a lonesome noun mightn’t have provided. And two of these products, as it happens, have been demoed at TED.

1. Siftables: The cookie-sized computers with motion sensing, neighbor detection, graphical display, and wireless communication. (See David Merrill’s demo of Siftables at TED2009.)

2. Inventables: A subscription service used by consumer product companies who want to create unique products. (Watch Keith Schact and Zach Kaplan show off products from the future.)

3. Instructables: A how-to and DIY community where people make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, recipes and hacks. (Watch Saul Griffith show hardware solutions to everyday problems.)

4. Mashable: Touted as the world’s largest Web 2.0- and social networking-related news blog.

5. Reactable: An electronic music instrument with a slick, multi-touch interface.

6. Lunchables: Children’s meal combinations, often called “the taste of elementary school” by the Gen Y cohort.

Give us more examples in the comments, if you are capable.

(Image: Mike Femia)

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  • Dan S. commented on Apr 26 2009

    Wow… I just viewed the program on the siftables and what implications this thing could have for everyone in nearly if not all industries. I’ve got goosbumps just thinking about it. Amazing Amazing Amazing.. What a great idea, what a great concept… can’t wait til it’s available for the public so that I can try that out for myself and with my child.