Cool new things you can do with your mobile phone: David Pogue on TED.com

Posted by: Tedstaff

In this engaging talk from the EG’08 conference, New York Times tech columnist David Pogue rounds up some handy cell phone tools and services that can boost your productivity and lower your bills (and your blood pressure). (Recorded at the EG’08 conference, December 2008, in Monterey, California. Duration: 27:03.)

Watch David Pogue’s talk from EG’08 on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 400+ TEDTalks — including more talks about technology.

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Comments (3)

  • Alan Altmann commented on Sep 16 2009

    Small correction: you don’t have to use a headset with Skype, you can use the built-in microphone and speakers available on most laptops these days. Skype has a very good echo canceller.

  • mike linley commented on Mar 25 2009

    really cool phone stuff..I loved the 411 info one the best…funny speaker too..thanks

  • Mark Dunne commented on Mar 30 2009

    Rebtel has already made it possible to make free international calls from your cellphone long before Skype was put on cellphones. It takes a very superficial search on the internet to know this.