Warp your room (not your mind) with this awesome illusion

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Via speigl.org via verylowsodium:

1. Stare at the image for 10 seconds
2. Look at something — your hand, a book, your friend
3. Enjoy!

For more on illusions — and the delight of our buggy minds — see Al Seckel’s 2004 TEDTalk >>

Comments (4)

  • Saleem Chohan commented on Apr 13 2009

    This is very spooky!

  • Christina Klube commented on Apr 11 2009

    I looked at my hand it was going all kinds of different ways. That’s freaky!

  • Laura Prado commented on Apr 10 2009

    If you blurr your view while looking at the image you’ll see it spin so fast! And if you do that and look attentively, you’ll see that the circle becomes crooked.

  • peter Fendrich commented on Apr 10 2009

    wow! How can I eat my eggs tomorrow after looking at this? How can I eat anything? :-)