The World Science Festival is next week in New York City

Posted by: Matthew Trost


We are excited to report that the World Science Festival is returning for its second year next week in New York City. The five-day program of events is jam-packed with amazing sessions that explore intriguing subjects such as nothingness, the science of traffic, perception of the human face, the neural basis for our enjoyment of music and the nature of time.

The TED Blog covered the World Science Festival in 2008, and this year we’ll be dispatching more of our staffers to the sure-to-be fascinating events. Many TEDsters will be participating in the programming: Hod Lipson, Emily Levine, Sylvia Earle and others. TEDster Brian Greene was a co-founder of the festival.

The events run from Wednesday, June 10th to Sunday, June 14th.

Comments (4)

  • shelly anne commented on Jun 8 2009

    i would love to go to something like this

  • Jim Johnson commented on Jun 7 2009

    Would love to go to such event one day… it must be really cool.

    I heard one of the coolest in history was World’s Fair: Japan Expo 1970.
    Wonder how how science festival these days compared to that. Hmmm…

  • Laura Cococcia commented on Jun 5 2009

    I attended last year and it was an excellent event. Looking forward to reading more about the topic of “nothingness” from the TED staffers!

  • James Feder commented on Jun 5 2009

    This is a cool event wherein we can learn so many thing, I’m so much interested in the science of traffic.