TED's embeddable video player: Now with subtitles!

Posted by: Emily McManus

Because you asked: TED’s embeddable video player now has subtitles built right into the player. So wherever you’ve embedded a TEDTalk, you can now see English subtitles and any languages into which the talk has been translated. Check out the effect below:

(You may need to refresh your browser once, to see the new embed player.)

Learn more about TED’s Open Translation Project >>

Comments (6)

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  • Aaron Irvine commented on Feb 14 2010

    I tried the embedded player on my site, but the subtitles didn’t start by default so the user (if they understood English) would inconveniently have to click on the subtitles option. I suggest the embed code should include the subtitling language to play, and also if possible please localize the player itself (“TED Ideas worth spreading” “View subtitles” “Share”).

    As a workaround, I embedded the dotsub source directly.

  • bob oconnor commented on Jun 13 2009

    Warum gibt es keine Untertitel in Deutsch?

  • Nail Lansang commented on Jun 10 2009

    wow, its a nice video.

  • Ronald Sherman commented on Jun 10 2009

    This is going to look great on my page. Thanks for making the requested changes.


  • Nenad Maljkovi? commented on Jun 10 2009

    Great! :)

    Now please apply this player here
    and here