Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo says happiness and success are rooted in a trait most of us disregard: the way we orient toward the past, present and future. He suggests we calibrate our outlook on time as a first step to improving our lives. (Recorded at TED University 2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 6:34)

Short URL: http://on.ted.com/17

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Comments (3)

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  • Teresa Hoover commented on Jun 25 2009

    I tried to watch this at work via subtitles. I’m pretty sure the subtitles are to a different video since they discuss how surgery came about. I’ll have to watch the real talk at home.

  • Laura Cococcia commented on Jun 22 2009

    I found this talk extremely interesting, particularly in the day and age of the messages we often hear about how happiness is about “living in the present” or “living in the moment.” Zimbardo emphasizes that we all have our own time perspective…so, if you happen to be a future-focused person, that doesn’t necessarily impede happiness or negate the power of the present moment. It’s just the way you are and still has its benefits.