Large Hadron Collider set to try again in November

Posted by: TED Guest Author

Last week, CERN announced that the world’s largest particle accelerator will power up again in November. However this time it will run on 3.5 trillion electron volts per beam, about half its expected energy level. Last year, the LHC shut down because of a fault between two superconducting bending magnets but recent tests have confirmed that no further repairs are necessary.

For more on this upcoming event, check out CERN’s press release. And don’t forget to watch Brian Cox’s talk from TED U in 2009, where he explicitly details what went wrong last year:

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  • John Stanley commented on Aug 22 2009

    Great video.

  • Mischa Nachtigal commented on Aug 13 2009

    @Sabin, that’s a big assumption. We know they’re looking for Higgs boson but we can’t assume/hope they find it. Let’s let the science speak for itself. That said, I’m sure Mr. Cox will have more to say come next year.

  • Sabin Muntean commented on Aug 13 2009

    I’m really looking forward to another video of Mr. Cox where he will explain what they have found (when they do eventually find the Higgs boson).

  • Gokhan EGE commented on Aug 12 2009

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