Lakshmi Pratury on how she finds speakers for TEDIndia

Posted by: Emily McManus

TEDIndia co-host Lakshmi Pratury is touring India in the months leading up to the conference, on the lookout for the interesting new ideas and trends sprouting all around India. Below, hear her report from Bangalore; and find more video reports from Lakshmi on her site, Lakshmi’s Lounge.

More Lakshmi video: At yesterday’s announcement of the TEDIndia speaker lineup, she gave this short commentary to the Financial Chronicle on how she put together the lineup of speakers for the TEDIndia conference, happening this November in Mysore. The interview comes via the Financial Chronicle’s website mydigitalfc.com. Lakshmi explains that it takes a village to find the best speakers for TED >>

From the same site, TEDIndia speaker Harsha Bogle, the cricket commentator, talks about his plans for the conference >>

Read the TEDIndia speaker lineup >>

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  • Rakesh Ranjan commented on Sep 14 2009

    She says on the one hand that there used to be some village(s) in the area where the new residential area has come up and then she also says that there was nothing there as such… so those villagers were **nothing** ? what happened to them once the California returned NRIs built their small California ?

    • Murali Krishna Mamillapalli commented on Sep 14 2009

      All cliches in this speech of hers, disappointing from someone whoz from TED… particularly dislike her ‘many indias’ comment;

  • Anthony Franklin commented on Sep 12 2009

    Congrats. Good idea.

  • Caleb Meyer commented on Sep 12 2009

    That’s good, I love for the idea…

  • astin dietpi commented on Sep 11 2009

    That’s good, I love for the idea…