The Buzz: Pranav Mistry awakens the Sixth Sense

Posted by: Matthew Trost


Photo: Pranav Mistry at TEDIndia, Session 3, “Wonder. Wonders.” November 5, 2009, in Mysore, India. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

The genius behind the Sixth Sense technology returned to TED to present a deeper look at his astonishing invention — and share his plans for the future. Here’s what viewers had to say on Twitter and Facebook:

OMG stuff going on . Pranav mistry is awesomeLazyMohit

Pranav Mistry gets another standing ovation. This guys a rockstar. — gprateek

bloody brilliant !! Pranav … amazing stuff. — tinucherian

To all those who talk of having national pride, be proud of young men like Pranav Mistry. — vimoh

Pranav Mistry: Imagination is the only limit in merging this technology with real life. — Syler_mi4

6th sense + Open source !! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pranav mistry :o – anveshg

Photo: TED / James Duncan Davidson

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  • harish jain commented on Jan 26 2012

    gonna buy if launched
    pranav mistry is an innovation

  • Lohith J commented on Aug 12 2011

    This Device awesome i want to impliment this device of my own can any one help me plzzz….

  • Valentin Ladstaetter commented on Mar 30 2011

    yes, the device is a great idea. but the self-building part of mistry’s website says coming soon since more than a year now and mistry doesn’t answer to emails at all. the battery of the device runs for three hours. this isn’t gonna come any time too soon i’m afraid.

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  • commented on Oct 27 2010

    This has tons of potential. How is the progress?? How about displaying movies from the projector? How will you market it and mass produce it?

  • gopal karmakar commented on Jul 2 2010

    great sir….from now onwards u are one of my greatest motivator becoz i also have a passion to do something which this world has never imagined.

  • Aditya Bhardwaj commented on Apr 10 2010

    One of the ’3 Crore Indian Gods’ on Earth!……Literally, no words to express………..U are my Idol!……….Greatest Piece of Work!

  • Mohsin Saeed commented on Apr 5 2010

    Hi! All
    From where, can I find its Source Code, Plz do assist me …

    Waiting for the Positive response from TED

  • Nabeel Ahmed commented on Mar 27 2010

    An absolute Genius..

  • Lenin Prithiviraj Rajah commented on Feb 9 2010

    Fabulous…. i could not find any other word to express…. very well done.

  • Alf de Hombre commented on Dec 12 2009

    Love the progress, lets have more geniuses =]

  • Mike Anderson commented on Dec 4 2009

    wow !!! the possibilities are endless with this idea. job well done

  • Nivash Kumar commented on Nov 6 2009

    The good news is Sixth sense is coming Open Source next month. Looking forward to make my own device.

  • krishnamurthi ramachandran commented on Nov 6 2009

    Very good press coverages of Ted Indian events at Mysore.I have read it from Indian English newspapers with full interests.
    Many day today problems, and solving burning issues at the earliest were presented and discussed for general awakening and for future real benefits to suffering masses.
    Just now, i have completed all reading of this beautiful events from this website.
    I want to get SwamijI!s speech on Indian traditions,values and insight of western thoughts by videos are posted to this website for enriching my knowledge and for sharing with well wishers of this society.
    Countless thanks to organizers,participants,viewers and artists, intellectuals and to social workers.
    Congratulations to you,your team for making this wonderful sessions for very lively actions.