The Buzz: Kavita Ramdas on women's world

Posted by: Jenny Zurawell


Kavita Ramdas, director of the Global Fund for Women, investigated how women are redefining certain paradoxes in their lives, for example the balance between modernity and tradition, and preserving a culture which has oppressive elements. Here are the reactions from Facebook and Twitter:

Kavita Ramdas: Many women are using religious practices as instruments of opposition and opportunity – infosys

Kavita Ramdas from Global Fund for Women, speaking now, touching great talk. – eveblossom

Kavita Ramdas shows us how oppressed women around the world use tradition as act of defiance. Weapon. Shield – RafeFurst

Kavita Ramdas delivers a composed, passionate talk about feminism around the world. – soodsandeep

Now we’re talking – excellent talk on women’s advocacy – Udindex

Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

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  • Neal Matters commented on Nov 24 2009

    On its surface, the modern Feminist movement purports to protect the rights of women from male oppression, often associating itself with the civil rights movement of African-Americans. But this faulty rationale fails to recognize the difference between unjust oppression and healthy gender restriction; limiting a gender%u2019s job responsibilities based on natural capacity is not the same as limiting a racial group%u2019s opportunities based on appearance. http://www.scribd.com/doc/21733512/Principles-101