The Buzz: Kiran Sethi makes "contagious" a good word

Posted by: Shanna Carpenter


Kiran Bir Sethi at TEDIndia, Session 8, “Learning to Learn,” November 7, 2009, in Mysore, India. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Kiran Sethi is the founder of a revolutionary new school in India, called The Riverside School. She’s changing the way we think about children, the way they think about themselves and her ideas are contagious! Here are some of the real-time reactions:

Finally. Kiran Sethi at TEDIndia … Riverside school … amazingness … — aDeSe

If you blur boundaries between school and life, children become aware, enabled and empowered. Kiran Sethi — ralphtalmont

Kiran Sethi: Laughter is contagious, passion is contagious. “I can” is contagious. — shivya

Design for Giving Contest.. :) finally.. we are there. Amazing concept by Kiran SethiTEDxAhmedabad

kiran sethi – This is a well thought out, well executed talk with significant and important contentUdindex

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  • Brad Altemeyer commented on Feb 24 2010

    I showed this TED talk to my college students in South Texas recently- as a segue into their own team based community projects- I’ve been having college students make direct community impacts in many ways for over 8 years- what Kiran Bir Sethi calls the “I CAN” bug- is something even college students have to be infected with, coached to even start, encouraged and motivated -to make a difference in the world- through their actions, they gain a great deal, and our two county area of Hidalgo and Starr counties of Texas also gain a great deal- hands on, direct learning -beats the old “case study” any day of the week.