Jim Fallon on CBS' Criminal Minds tonight!

Posted by: Shanna Carpenter

Via the TEDActive Blog:

At last year’s Palm Springs experience, neuroscientist Jim Fallon gave a chilling talk on the biology of psychopathic killers. Tonight he will appear in an episode of the popular CBS series Criminal Minds, playing himself and addressing the potential for genetic tragedy in chronically war-torn areas of the world. The episode, “Outfoxed,” airs at 9 pm EST.

If you haven’t yet seen his talk, it’s definitely worth a look:


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  • Cassie Z commented on Nov 20 2009

    This is a very interesting video. I got a lot of info’s and knowledge on how it was pass on to genes and affected by such environment so i have take it in saving for retirement also if we don’t want to get involved with this criminals. We just have to be careful in dealing with others if we don’t want to end up getting killed by psychopaths. Better we should know how to handle and know if that person is mentally challenged and is capable of doing such thing.