Celebrating our 200 millionth TEDTalk view — and our 4,000th translation

Posted by: Emily McManus

We’ve been so busy getting ready for TED2010 and rolling out new features on TED.com that a big milestone almost escaped us: Sometime last week, someone watched the 200 millionth TEDTalk. Since we launched in 2006, it’s been thrilling to see how TEDTalks have connected with the world. Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting.

And in another milestone this week: TED.com now has 4,000 published translations, in 62 languages! We’re full of gratitude and awe for our volunteer translators.

Comments (3)

  • Xiangdian Chen commented on Jan 14 2010

    Congratulations! I enjoy watching TED video very much. Many of them are so inspiring! And I’ve shared your wonderful works with my friends here in China. I was surprised to see the Chinese subtitles. Cheers!

  • Drew Nigel Morris commented on Jan 14 2010

    A big gratitude for TED and to all contributors!

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  • Elisa Sly commented on Jan 13 2010

    Thanks and gratitude to TED and all of us for sharing , collaborating and reuniting.