Stories of Haiti: A reading by Edwidge Danticat

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Today, as we think about what we can do for Haiti, there’s no more pertinent message than in the words of this moving, soulful reading by Haitian author Edwidge Danticat — who reminds us of what Haiti has done for us.

edwidge.jpgEdwidge Danticat: Stories of Haiti

In the midst of an earlier crisis, Haitian author Edwidge Danticat reminds us of the contributions of Haiti’s vibrant culture and people. This reading offers a timely message for today — as the nation struggles in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

Watch Edwidge Danticat’s talk now >>

Comments (5)

  • waly aly commented on Jan 22 2010

    we should pray for them

  • waly aly commented on Jan 22 2010

    we should pray for them

  • Marie Delfin commented on Jan 21 2010

    Peace to all in Haiti and thank you for all the world help by every man and woman. “God Bless” everyone as the world may really be coming to an end! Best wishes to all.

    Marie from Mars

  • praveen t commented on Jan 17 2010

    This is a very serious situation in Haiti and every should lend a helping hand for the cause and well being of the people in Haiti.
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  • Xbox mania commented on Jan 15 2010

    I am glad people are coming up with help.. atleast people are now united!