10 young Indian artists to watch: Ravin Agrawal on

Posted by: Shanna Carpenter

Collector Ravin Agrawal delivers a glowing introduction to 10 of India’s most exciting young contemporary artists. Working in a variety of media, each draws on their local culture for inspiration.(Recorded at TEDIndia, November 2009, Mysore, India. Duration: 6:34)

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  • Nikki Basu commented on Sep 16 2010

    I think this talk is simply outstanding. The previous commenter is ill-informed, closed-minded, and extraordinarily rude, none of which are values I associate with TED. These are 10 terrific artists that hold their own against any in the West, and all are critically well-regarded. For having only 6 minutes to speak, Mr. Agrawal has packed in a lot of information.

    I for one, am tired of people in the West having an Orientalist mindset and associating “Indian art” with Mughal miniatures and Ravi Verma, etc. I love forwarding this talk to people, because it really blows up their preconceptions of what is going on India, and presents Indian culture as modern and dynamic. I feel sad for the person dumping on the speaker and the artists’ hard work, when he should be proud!

  • User 53 commented on Jan 23 2010

    Interesting news.

  • Sunil Choudhary commented on Jan 23 2010

    Total BULL SHIT

    He talks nothing about how he came to this list of people Except Subodh Gupta who is already famous because of his Indian Utensils sculptures.
    I have hardly heard any name he says.

    Secondly he himself is an investor. Wonder HOW come TED allowed him to talk on the subject. The bio mentions Ravin Agrawal tries to predict the future, balancing economic, political and technological factors in this presentation . Wonder where is THAT !!!!!! Seriously WHo allowed this guy inside TED.

    TED has come to India but we need to maintain Quality and ensure its not a marketing medium. I would strongly urge TED admins to remove this from the Website. or next I will see is HLL and PnG tooting their own Toothpaste and Washing Powders.