Dr. William Li's list of antiangiogenic foods

Posted by: Emily McManus

A much-requested slide from Dr. William Li’s TEDTalk in Session 2:


Courtesy The Angiogenesis Foundation

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  • David Cooley commented on Jun 22 2012

    The list above gives us good foods to use, but is there a list showing us which foods would cause the opposite effect.

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  • Steven Pang commented on Apr 15 2012

    Dr William Li really did a great presentation. This is one of the best information for Cancer healing I ever receive..
    Dr William mention about how the resveratrol found in his food list to starve off cancer is true. Recently, I personally witness from a resveratrol product sharing event in Singapore; how a 72 years old final stage liver cancer patient’s(A Malaysian, Dr. told him, he has three more months to live on.) testimonial with proven hospital reports. He save his life by taking daily, three package of a 30ml fruit blend that contain 75mg of resveratrol for six weeks, he survive and live a healthy life for 2 years by now.
    We really need more doctor like Dr William Li to spread the knowledge and save more life. He really known his stuff.

  • Hortencia Vasquez commented on Apr 9 2012

    Is there a food list for multiple sclerosis?

  • Hortencia Vasquez commented on Apr 9 2012

    Is there a food list for multiple sclerosis

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  • c finch commented on Jun 18 2011

    where can i find a list of proagiogenic and antiangiogenic foods and how much they are? and where can i find the research that backs it all up? is there a way to know when you are unbalanced in one way or the other – other than ‘i have cancer’ or ‘my wounds don’t heal?’

  • Heather O'Connor commented on Mar 20 2011

    I am sorry for your loss of family & illnesses. I too have gone through that, numerous family ove the years have gotten ill & passed away. I would definitely recommend looking into raw diets more. I’m raw vegan & have learned of a healing /detox properties of Kombucha tea & my health has improved vastly since adding this to my regimen. I think we need to put the best possible stuff into our bodies or ‘temples’ and detox out the bad stuff in our blood. I believe every, single one of us has the ability on board as a standard part of the body & the way it works to get cancer or any ailment, which ailment we get, depends on food, & our body & what abuse it can or cannot handle. We need to eat better & drink better if we don’t want that as an end. I’m not here to tell you to go vegan or anything. Just learn from these types of folks & decide for yourself. I highly recommend Ani Phyo’s cookbooks.

  • Corinne Hersey commented on Mar 18 2011

    I too believe that foods can make us sick or keep us healthy. The problem today is the amount of toxins in the foods. I wish that Dr. Li would address this issue. In my family, 5 of my aunts and uncles, and my dad have died from cancer in the past two years. Before that, many others… including both grandmothers. I have also had cervical cell abnomalities. I teach a Sociology of Health and Wellness course and have been increasingly concerned with government policies that allow the importing, exporting and national use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. We cannot consider the consumption of any foods that come out of the ground without considering the toxins they carry. We know, for instance that peaces and apples have higher levels of toxins than some other fruits. We also know that grapes grown in Canada do not have the same sprays as grapes grown in Chili where the pesticide laws are much more relaxed – or melon from Guatemala where the sprays used are banned here. Toxicity is a function of Exposure (E) and E is a function of dose (c) and time (t). If we in fact, eat more imported and non-organic nuts, fruits and vegetables (particularly in northern countries) then we are increasing dose and time. In many countries, to meet their export commitments, cheaper, more toxic and older pesticides long banned here are used and then the food is imported back to us. The Pesticide Action Network International or PSN, has listed many countries who import dangerous and banned pesticides… including US and Canada. Also, North Amercan corporations produce and export banned pesticides. Lindane is produced by Drexel Chem, a Tennessee based company, although it is banned in the US – and is exported or ‘dumped’ in developing countries, sprayed on fruits and vegs and then imported back in. I would urge you to google “Dr. Susan Kegley Methyl Iodide Testimony Cal State:. or “Methyl Iodide: Does Approval Threaten California Workers and Others?” This testimony by several scientists is startling and moreso, is how this fumigant was pushed through in California by the Schwarzenegger admin. to be use on strawbrry fields. This neurotoxin and carcinogen is considered “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth”. It is now on your strawberries – so how can this fruit fight cancer when the sprays in fact promote it? Fifty scientists including Nobel Laureattes wrote to Stephen Johnson, the US EPA (Sept 24/2007) ‘urgently requesting the prevention of registering methyl iodide…” Because of the high incidences of cancer and death in my family, I have tried to eat ‘healthy’ foods… and each morning make a smoothie of raw yogourt, distilled water, blackberries, blueberries, strawberies and raspberries that I picked in fields that are not sprayed, however, I add pomegranate, melon, canteloup, banana, kiwi, dried cranberries, and mango. These last fruits are I’m sure sprayed and I cannot afford the organic (if we can even get them). When I drink my smoothe, I wonder if I am ingesting more toxins than I am nutrition. I am terrified of cancer and really, do not know how to fight it with food. Do we have a way to test the toxin levels in the foods we eat? No. Are they labelled “sprayed in Guatemala with…”? No. Not only is toxicity in the food a problem, the importing of foods picked long before they are ripe and then shipped a problem. They lose nutritional value nearly as soon as they are picked… then they are gassed and shipped to us. I will still eat nuts, legumes, fruits and vegs., but sometimes wonder if a Toaster Struddle is less dangerous. I would love any thoughts.

    • catherine jordan commented on Sep 12 2011

      Corinne — wow what alot of great research you have done — and so relevant. My answer to the pesticide problem (which is much scarier than I even realized, now that I’ve read your detailed research), is to buy from my local farmer’s market. The farmers seem to be, I hope, smaller farms and following better practices, as well as being near my home, so not grown in countries terrorized by American pesticide companies and then reimported. All of this is still unresolved but we’ll all do our best and I think cancer will be viewed very differently in future when more about diet comes out.

  • commented on Mar 12 2011


  • m F commented on Feb 28 2011

    Many years ago, I met Dr. Folkman. He was a prince among men. I am delighted that Dr. Li is carrying on his important work.

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  • Heather O'Connor commented on Dec 16 2010

    I would not suggest eating tuna though. It’s a really well known fact that the canned stuff is full of mercury & BPA from the steel linings in the cans, as well as the kind that comes in plastic bags. Eating any fish from the waters is also a bad idea, since the waterways are all polluted and full of toxic stuff, since fish travel everywhere in their migration it’s just a bad idea overall eating fish.

  • commented on Dec 13 2010

    Interesting; I eat and recommend all of these delicious foods to my clients. I’d love to hear what the ‘others’ are referring to. Thank you for sharing this!
    The Healthy Apple